Benny Rodriguez

Music has been part of my life as long as I can remember. I started out listening to my parent’s and sibling’s music, from Bacharach to The Beatles. Something special clicked when I watched my brother perform the Standells’ “Dirty Water” on his La Valencia electric guitar on school talent night: then I was hooked. Self taught and motivated I learned, found friends with the same musical interests, and played in many bands from junior high through college and beyond. From bedroom to dorm room, from backyard to barnyard...

From the beginning I was attracted to the technical side of the instrument, and experimented with any guitar I could get my hands on. The results of my work in the beginning realized a kinship with the guitar, and later - in the business of guitars - I found a home. In 1985 I was introduced to Tom Anderson who for the next ten years shared with me his philosophy of making precise, comfortable, and ultimately playable guitars. Guiding me with his expert knowledge we explored, deconstructed and developed innovative guitar building techniques that have become industry standards at companies like Taylor, Fender, Martin, et. al. I relocated to the SF Bay Area in 1997 and began a new journey in the guitar world.

Through ambition, curiosity, experience, and my network of friends and mentors in the guitar world - players, artists and craftsmen - I continue to perfect my own building and repairing techniques. I have been gifted with a specialized knowledge that I apply to all the work I do, from simple set-ups to extensive restorations. Born with a mechanical inclination I have been able to channel my talents into the world of the coolest musical instrument in the World: the guitar.


Peace and power chords,