BJR Guitars List of Services

When you bring in your prized instruments, they are inspected, 
and costs are estimated before work begins.
Scheduled drop-offs are available to minimize wait time
needed to complete any work. Call for more info

The Basics: For Electric and acoustic guitars, 
basses, mandolins, banjos and just about any
stringed instrument.

Setup - Fingerboard cleaning, fret polishing, re-string, truss rod 
adjustment and tempered intonation. String and pickup heights are 
adjusted to your preference.
Fret Dress - Frets and fret ends are precision ground, uniformly leveled,
crowned and polished for optimum playability and the nut is adjusted for
proper string height.
Complete or Partial Refret - Old frets carefully removed, 
fingerboard and radius trued and dressed, new frets 
installed (nickel or stainless steel) followed by the 
above described fret dress.
New Nuts and Saddles -  Available for all acoustic and electric
instruments. Compensated Saddles and Buzz Feiten tuning system 
available for electrics and acoustics.

Woodwork: All electric and acoustic instruments, solid or hollow.

Splits, cracks, fractures of all kinds repaired, rebuilt or
replaced. Includes bridges, braces, plates, veneers, 
binding, blocks, purfling, pickguards and inlay.
Custom routing and restorative plugging or patching available.

Electronics: For all electric and acoustic 

Pickup systems of any type installed, repaired or replaced. All
electronics from pots, switches, jacks, pre-amps, 
passive and active circuits and components 
diagnosed, repaired or replaced.


From spot repairs to complete refinishing: please 
inquire about your particular needs or interests.

Custom Services: 

I offer an extensive range of custom modifications and
services to suit you and your guitar's aspirations.
Experienced studio and venue outcall services are available.

Please feel free to call or email me to schedule an appointment 
or discuss your stringed instrument needs.